Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what is on my mind?

1. thinking to stand by my own
2.thinking to run away from all the stresse and problems
3.current ni pun byk prob ni kan nak think abt future.. tak terpikir rsnya
5.headache/stomachache a person that easily give up..
8.Easy to get bored wit same all routine
6.Rasa boring pun ada gak..
7. Just planned a family trip! (plan je.hehe. tp x sabar plak)
8.Banyak gle paperwork kena buat.. penat rasanya
9.Brain freeze
9. sleepy
11. tensen dengan new schedule..
12. Tensen with dis statement 'ala umh u dekat jer..'
13. Trying to avoid this words '.. i try/bole buatkan?/mc mn ek?/tak paham la..'
14.Feel cheated. tapi malas la nak ckp.

16.rasa mcm nk balas je all bad thing orang buat kat aku.sakit betul rasanya!
15. Now lost my count already....................

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