Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Su!!

Good Morningggg peepss!
What a lovely day today!!
Takda entry menarik hari ni but ada contest menarik utk di'join'.

Unboxing Tea Party by The Butterfly Project with cooperation

Those 50 lucky blogger will walk away with their Bag of Love!
Also, 30 very lucky blogger will get invitation to the Tea Party!
That's sound really amazing rite?!
Oh goshhh i want it!!!!

How to participate??
Just tell
"why you would like to go to the Tea Party or Review the Bag of Love".
My answer will be :

"If i was choosen,
it would be the 1st time for me attend dis event as a blogger.
I will get to know all blogger from different type people.
Plus i've never been to Paradigm mall (blushing.hihihi)
there will be a cupcakes town??
OMG its so sweet!!!
 (this mommy to be is craving for the cupcakes.
 yummy yummy!.hihihi)
and i'm very sure this event will be very happening.
the Bag of Love (1st time heard about it.hehe) is seems like full of LOVE.
which is i want to explore the LOVE inside it! hihihi"

Also, the FanPage shows appreciation and beauty for all women!
And it brings the confidence to them (to me as well.hehe).
So pray hard and
Im sending my love letter to get selected.hihihihi.

For those who want to participate you may click :
this link

Gud luck and happy trying!! hehehe



Farah Waheda Wahid said...

all the best dear... dan sekiranya terpilih...selamat ber-event!

Cheetah said...

@farah waheda : tq2!! harap2nya la..hehe

mama aryan said...

semoga berjaya ye

Cheetah said...

@mama aryan : tq2!! ni pun duk tggu keputusan je.. ntah terpilih ke tak..huhu