Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 language dalam 1 entry.. hehehehe

Good Morning Peeps!!!
What lovely Wednesday!
Finally guest list is updated.
After what happened,
I have taken out/remove her name in the guest list.
It's been blacklisted in the guest list.
As I mentioned earlier,
I will only focus for important guest n good fren of mine.
I'm still keeping all the "details".
I have also let everybody to know abt that "details".
Soon or later I will reveals the "details" in My Blog.
But thanks Allah as i've got full support from everybody.
All said, "don't think too much abt it and focus for your future".
Yup, that's what I'm doing now.
Happy with My Life and My Blog.
All I can say Allah is Maha Adil and Maha Kuasa.
Besides, this is Ramadhan month,
Its just a waste of time arguing with this kind of person
Just be happy with ourself and respect the holy month.

Happy Blogging all!

Okay, enough.
Tukar language jap.hehehe
Semalam lepas berbuka,
 aku cuba2 masak burger daging dengan seasoning Maggie ni,
Mula2 ingatkan tak sedap,
tapi memang sedap sangat2!
First time masak burger ni dengan seasoning.
Selalunya cuma masak macam tu je.
Takda letak apa2.
Tapi bila semalam letak seasoning dan sedikit lada sulah,
memang terbaikkkk la rasa dia!

Kalau nak letak seasoning kat burger tu,
kena tunggu separuh masak dulu, then baru letak seasoning.
Nanti baru la daging tu dapat serap seasoning tu.
Harga dia dalam RM 4.20.
Murah dan mampu milik je.hehehe.
Insyaallah kalau takda aral, malam ni nak try lagi.


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